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NEET PG 2019 – Impact of Mock tests in the final days of preparation

Some are studying, few of them are revising and most of them are thinking about possibilities to pass the exam- Yes, NEET-2019 is all on the way. The medical aspirants will be doing high time preparation for the career deciding exams of their life. More than studying there will be high pressure on remembering the things what we have studied. Well, there is no secret for success but it’s only the hard work that gives you a fruitful result.

As there is only 1 month left for the exam, there is no chance of studying from the scratch, until and unless you were an extraordinary champ during your graduation days or you get a ready question paper! Jokes apart now it’s the only right time to revise the subjects or concepts which you have already studied. During your revision days, it’s always better to practice the mock tests which will help you in many ways.

In this article let’s understand the impact of mock tests in the last days’ preparation for NEET PG 2019. Mock test or practice test is nothing different from main exams but the only difference is in the mock test we get many chances to write the exams in a year and the mark doesn’t count but whereas in mains we get only one chance in a year and marks decides the medical career. Thus, mock tests are prepared in a similar pattern and the given time also remains the same. As per the toppers and experts opinion, the mock test does miracle during the last phase of NEET PG 2019 preparation. So let’s get into those miracles in detail:

#You will know where you stand in the preparation process

Yes! The Practice test will let you know how much you have studied, how much you remember and where you have to put some more extra efforts. In fact, just reading and practicing by your own will not let you know about your study progress, it’s only when you take an actual test you will understand your strengths and weaknesses with regards to your subject and topics.

#You get the actual pattern of the exam before in hand

We all know the fact that the National Board of Examination (NBE) has changed the NEET pattern for the year 2019. Even though we get to know about the new pattern the actual reality will be understood only when we write the exam. Thus, mock tests will prepare the model question papers according to the new pattern and help you to know and solve the questions before you write the actual exam.

#You can solve the paper at your convenience

The technology has made it possible! The online practice series can be solved whenever you’re free and convenient. In most of the cases, the medical aspirants will be doing their internship or attending their patients who may not have enough time to sit and solve the model question paper. The online mocks test series come into picture which will allow you to work on the paper in your free time.

#Helps to reinforce the learning

Mock tests will not just make you check your progress and learn where you have to put effort but it will also make you remember and reinforce the same answers on your main exams. Its common tendency that we remember our mistakes often and we don’t repeat the same.

#Managing is simple and easy

Online test series are easy to manage. All you need to do is just log in with a username and password and follow the simple instructions. There are some online mock test series which can be even managed and attempted from your phone. Thus, online mock tests will get you one step towards the bright career handy.

#You can learn to manage the time

The scariest thing during our main exam is time management. We all will not be able to finish the exams on time because we study more and practice less. Even though we practice we don’t set any time period. As discussed earlier, the mock tests will be the same as your main exam may it be in the pattern, timings, marks, and weightage. Thus, the mock test will make you understand the time you take to write an exam so that you can improve in your final exam.

#Boost your confidence

Nothing is scariest than the exam itself. This 35 day is the most stressful days of any medical aspirant who is getting ready to write NEET PG 2019. Tension goes up and higher when we don’t remember what we have studied. Mock tests will let you remember the things as you give tests again and again which in turn increase your confidence.

# You get the correct answer instantly

They say Failure is the stepping stone for success, it is not only for life but it also applies to mock test series. Mock test will help you to know the right answers if your attempt was wrong which in turn helps you to know and preserve the right answer for your main exams.

# You can attempt more than one time

Test series are to learn not to secure a seat in the medical institutions. You will be given many number of model question papers to attempt and get prepared for the main exams. So make a habit of writing mock tests during your preparation time which will check your understanding of the respective subjects.

Thus, Mock tests may not be your success story but it will definitely be the introductory part of your success story. Mock test will assist you a lot during your revision stage of NEET PG 2019. If you are planning to clear the NEET PG 2019 in one attempt and study in the reputed medical institution get registered in Beattheneet.com, an online test series platform which will make your dream come true in the first attempt.

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