NEET PG 2019 – Tips to Clear the Exam

NEET PG exam is known to be the most important gateway for medical aspirants who have completed the MBBS degree and now want to get specialized in the field of their choice. The NEET PG 2019 is an online exam conducted by National Board of Examinations (NBE). The entrance exam will offer admission to Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Master of Surgery (MS) courses in the country.

In India, more than 10 lakhs of aspirants appear for the NEET exam every year for nearly 1 lakh seats in different medical and dental college, which gives a clear picture of competition that a medical student has to go through. The upcoming NEET PG Exam will be conducted on 6th of January 2019. The online application process will start in October for the same. Thus, there is a short time span for the candidates to get prepared for their most important exam of the medical career.

There is no shortcut for success! All you need is a prior preparation that gives you a fruitful result. It’s a painful story of every student to go blank during preparation and study time. To avoid this, all you can do is follow some predominant study tips and strategies before you start preparing for your entrance exam.

The study and general tips to be followed to clear the NEET PG 2019 exam

Understand the NEET PG 2019 Exam pattern

First and foremost get to know the exam pattern of NEET PG 2019, which in turn will help you to get an idea of the type of questions asked, the total duration of the exam, topic to be covered in the exam, marking scheme and details on the negative marking pattern and other details which will assist you in smooth NEET preparation plan.

NEET Exam Pattern





Type of questions Multiple Choice Questions







Total Number of Questions

300 Questions


Total Marks

1200 marks


Marking Scheme

4 marks for every correct answer

1 mark to be deducted for an incorrect response

0 mark for unanswered question

Check NEET PG syllabus

Always keep the NEET PG syllabus copy with you, because studying irrelevant topic is equal to studying nothing. Check the syllabus from subject to topic twice or thrice to get the hold on what you need to study before studying the same. The understanding of syllabus will help you to know the time you can spend on each subject according to its topics.

Prepare a realistic timetable

As there is no much time for preparation for NEET PG 2019, all you can do is prepare a study timetable for yourself in which you devote 10-12 hours of time in a day to study. It doesn’t mean that you study continuously, you can take a break in between to relax and then continue to study which might be effective. Just by covering the maximum weightage questions may not ensure a 100% success in the exam. You need to plan your time in such a way that you could have ample time to study, work out and revise.

Make a note of important points while studying

Your brain can’t scan or store all the contents of your textbooks, pen down important points while studying that can be kept for future reference. Make a point to study those notes while going to bed or during your break, travel time which will help you to revise the important points. Further, you can make use of your mobile phones by taking few notes or images in it and refer the same during your free time.

Refer few listed Books

It is always said that too much is too bad! Always refer the few important books which make your work easier. Referring many books may end up in confusion. Give importance to the main topics and read it accordingly. Take a note from your seniors or who have cracked the exam to know about the books to refer. Read the reviews of the books and do enough research before selecting a book.

Subject Name

Name of the Book/ Author Name


Deepak Marwah or Mudit Khanna

Arvind Arora or ACROSS or Rajesh Kaushal


Rebecca James




Arvind Arora


Dr Sparsh Guptha

Forensic Medicine

ACROSS or Dr Gaurav Aggarwal or Arvind Arora


Rachna Chaurasia


Pritesh Singh or  SRB

Obs and Gynae

Sakshi Arora


Vivek jain


B Ram Gopal or Ruchi Rai


Manisha Budhiraja or Ruchi Rai


Taruna Mehra


Apurv Mehra


Profs By Vivek Jain


Sumit Seth or Profs By Vivek Jain


Profs By Vivek Jain


Profs By Vivek Jain or Praveen Tripathi

Image Based


Make time for Revision

The NEET PG exam contains vast syllabus to study and memorize. If you take the first few months of your preparation period for study, take last few days for revision because it is as important as that to take a revision for at least once before you give your entrance exam. The revision depends on the topic you study. if you find the topic as hard you can revise it twice and in case if you find the topic as simple you can just revise it once. Overall the task of revision is up to you.

Take a mock test

Practice makes man perfect, this also applies to the NEET exam. As the NEET PG 2019 is Multiple Choice exam, the questions given will not be a direct question rather there will be indirect, controversial and image-based question which requires you to practice the test before giving the mains. Beat the NEET offers free online practice test series for NEET PG which will assist you during your preparation period to practice for the entrance exam

Coaching class

There arises a question during the preparation about coaching class. Is it necessary to go to coaching class? As per the expert opinion, if you have read effectively during your UG then there is no need of attending any coaching class, but in case if your preparation was not enough during your under graduation then comes the requirement to attend the coaching class. At the coaching classes, they may help you to work on MCQ’s in an effective manner.

Be Motivated and Stay healthy

Health is Wealth, Nothing can help you out to clear your NEET exams if you are not fit and fine. The good sleep, good motivational books, healthy food, brain fitness, quality discussion with an expert, spending family time, time for favourite sports, and good thoughts can make you safe during the hypertension period of exams.

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